One of Europe's Largest Contract Manufacturers.

Chemoxy is one of Europe's largest contract manufacturers, with over 100 years of operating experience.

Our business is divided into three key areas: Custom Processing, Chemoxy Products and Solvent Recovery.

Recent News :

Custom Processing

Our custom processing operates 2 sites in the UK with a capability to process volumes from Tonnes to Kilotons. Key technologies include esterification, high resolution distillation, batch and continuous reactions, methyl chloride chemistry and hydrogenation.


Our Products

We produce a range of proprietary products including a range of esters and ethers and featuring low toxicity oxygenated solvents such as Estasol™, Coasol™ and our new low VOC coatings product, Coasol™ 290+


Solvent Recovery

Our solvent recovery service can separate and purify valuable solvents from your waste or by product streams and either return the solvent to you or we can find markets for the recovered solvents ourselves.


Our History

All Saints Refinery specialist in tar processing owned by Sadlers.
Carless Chemicals purchased the Middlesbrough site.
The Suter Group buy Chemoxy.
Ascot Holdings acquire Suter plc.
Dow acquired the site from Ascot plc - Dow Haltermann.
Management buy out - Chemoxy International Ltd.
North Western Oil Company purchased the company and upgraded the site.
Management buy out - the new company was called Chemoxy International plc.
Billingham site purchased.
Chemoxy renamed to Haltermann.
Major upgrade of MeCI facilities at Billingham.
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